Amazing American Horror Story: Coven Trailer

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The above video is a teaser for FX’s American Horror Story. This season is called Coven (each season is a stand-alone, extended mini-series of sorts). The first two released where Detention and Pins and Needles are just amazing. Now I am a huge fan of this show, so maybe I am biased, but these make me want to watch this season like yesterday. Makes me wonder why other channels can’t do something this creative cause I am just so sick of seeing trailers that are nothing but a fast paced montage of random clips from the show and/or movie.

Great Creative: Breaking Bad Promotional Poster

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Great Creative: Breaking Bad Promotional Poster

I love when show creator Vince Gilligan was asked how the final season ends, he said “As the movie title goes, there will be blood!”

Facebook’s First TV Ad

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Facebook, to celebrate reaching the 1 billion monthly user mark, has launched their first ad campaign. The visuals and production value are wonderful, but for the life of me I can’t believe this is the best “concept” they could come up with. I mean does this commercial make you want to use Facebook more if you are already a user, much less bring somebody to the site that has never used it before? I think not.

Nike: Find Your Greatness (Jogger)

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Not watched much  Olympic overage this year, so I just saw the commercial for the first time yesterday. I have to admit I watched it several times in a tow. I loved it. Guess a lot of other folks didn’t. Reactions to it all across the board. This long and detailed story at Salon outlines the reactions and provides more analysis of an ad then I can recall reading in a long, long time.

The Art Of Film & TV Title Design

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[Found via PBS Off Book]